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Instant, reliable & accurate business credit reports powered by Creditsafe

LendTech gives your business full access to the Creditsafe database. Offering detailed company profiles, financial performance data and a host of credit score information all within one platform. Try our interactive demo and learn now you can instantly process and business credit check within seconds.

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Our Journey

“We spent over 10 years working with a wide range of B2B lenders and brokers, building solutions and understanding the industry challenges and pain points. Off the back of this, we saw a recurring high demand for instant, reliable business credit checks and automation processes to qualify leads, contributing to and allowing lenders and brokers to focus on high quality leads, and this is how LendTech was born.”

Terry Chiu – Venture Motion Director

Set custom criteria with LendTechs fully
integrated decision engine

LendTech gives you the ability to set and validate criteria against custom form fields and Creditsafe’s data points ranging from business credit scores to shareholder funds. With our fully integrated decision engine you can automate and instantly qualify or decline applicants, freeing up your time to focus on high quality leads. Try the interactive demo and learn how easy it is to add decision engine criteria.

Overhaul your KYC process with LendTechs custom form builder

Our fully integrated form builder gives you the ability to enhance and efficiently streamline your KYC process with a range of form fields. Embed your form directly onto your website and enjoy the benefits of feeding your customer data directly into the decision engine with seamless business credit checking integration.

Usage & LendTech plans

Buisness credit checks

All our business credit checking plans include the decision engine. Use the slider to input the amount of business credit checks you require per month and we’ll recommend the best plan for your needs.


Credit searches

LendTech Business DE 300 Plan

What’s included?

25 credits per month
Decision engine

Data includes

Credit score
CCJ’s overview
Address history
Adverse credit

All plans are 12 month fixed contracts. Pay annual plans are paid in full prior to the activation of the plan and will give you access to the total amount of search credits. Pay monthly plans split both the payments and total search credits allowance into 12 equal instalments.